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The Podcasters Team
Utilizing Winston Salem Statesí Department of Communications & Media Studies/WSNC 90.1/RAMS student station, interns with an interest in radio production or journalism will have opportunities to be executive producer, director, editor, engineer or a part of a writing team for podcast programs.  They will help to create and develop programming that will air via the student station, WSNC 90.1, The Dream Schoolís social media sites or streaming platforms.
The Stream Team
Students from Departments of Communications & Media Studies and English will support the Stream Team as creative producers, executive producers, directors, technical directorsí editors and the writing team.  High school students can assist as camera operators and production assistant.
The Science Team
Computer Science and science majors can teach middle and high school students basic coding using Raspberry Pi.  Students can design and build various robotics systems and basic games.  We have a long term goal, within the next 2 years, of starting a robotics team to build competitive robots.
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